Chapter 139: Amethyst Lion Birth Essence

Chapter 139: Amethyst Lion Birth Essence

Most of the Magic Beasts guarding the dwelling's entrance had been finished off by Yun Zhi. Due. However, two rank three Magic Beasts at the back were still alive and were uneasily watching the intense fight in the sky. The aftereffects of the battle that fell from the sky caused them to grovel on the ground as they continuously shivered.

Xiao Yan frowned as he observed these two rank three Magic Beasts that were lying on the ground tens of meters away from the cave entrance. He quickly took out a bottle of medicinal powder from his storage ring and poured all of it over his body. This medicinal powder was carefully made by him and could hide the scent on his body to avoid detection by the Magic Beasts which had a superior sense of smell.

After making a detour around the dense woods, Xiao Yan climbed up towards the cave entrance, using the rocks as cover. He stealthily came to a spot directly above the cave and stared intently at the two trembling Magic Beasts. He paused for a second before taking out some soft cloth from the storage ring to tied around his feet.

With this preparation...

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