Chapter 139: Amethyst Lion Birth Essence

Chapter 139: Amethyst Lion Birth Essence

Most of the Magic Beasts guarding the dwelling's entrance had been finished off by Yun Zhi. Due. However, two rank three Magic Beasts at the back were still alive and were uneasily watching the intense fight in the sky. The aftereffects of the battle that fell from the sky caused them to grovel on the ground as they continuously shivered.

Xiao Yan frowned as he observed these two rank three Magic Beasts that were lying on the ground tens of meters away from the cave entrance. He quickly took out a bottle of medicinal powder from his storage ring and poured all of it over his body. This medicinal powder was carefully made by him and could hide the scent on his body to avoid detection by the Magic Beasts which had a superior sense of smell.

After making a detour around the dense woods, Xiao Yan climbed up towards the cave entrance, using the rocks as cover. He stealthily came to a spot directly above the cave and stared intently at the two trembling Magic Beasts. He paused for a second before taking out some soft cloth from the storage ring to tied around his feet.

With this preparation completed, Xiao Yan took in a deep breath before suddenly leaping from a spot just above the cave. He somersaulted in midair and lightly landed on the ground.

The moment his feet touched the ground, Xiao Yan bent his body and abruptly shot into the cave’s interior.

As Xiao Yan’s figure disappeared into the cave, one of the rank three Magic Beasts shifted its gaze over. When it found nothing, it appeared a little uncertain as it looked back towards the battle. Once again, its body quivered under the battle high in the sky.


Upon entering the cave, Xiao Yan realised that it was much brighter than he had expected. There were some purple colored crystals latched onto the surrounding cave walls. These crystal pieces were naturally formed in the cave and would be extremely valuable decorations in the human world.

The deep and spacious interior of the cave that was decorated with these purple crystal pieces appeared scenic. Seeing this naturally formed dwelling, Xiao Yan exclaimed; this lion which had gained intelligence really knew how to enjoy himself.

Xiao Yan carefully walked in the cave. As Yun Zhi had described, there were no other Magic Beasts within the cave. As he transversed the cave, there was no other sound other than his soft footsteps.

After passing through the long cave tunnel for a while, an intersection with two paths appeared in front of him.

Xiao Yan knitted his eyebrows together and stared at the two paths. He was silent for a moment. Finally, he opened his stride and carefully walked into the path on the left. This tunnel was constantly winding, causing Xiao Yan to make a number of turns. As Xiao Yan walked further into the cave, he suddenly realized that the surrounding temperature was growing increasingly higher.

The cautiousness in Xiao Yan prompted him to pause his footsteps. He then wiped the perspiration from his forehead and watched the purple light that was coming from the distant exit. He rubbed his hand and immediately released a long breath. The Dou Qi in his body slowly began to circulate along with the wind attribute Dou Qi that Yun Zhi had placed in his body. Once his preparations were complete, Xiao Yan continued to walk forward.

Seeing that the exit was very close to him, Xiao Yan did his best to soften the sound of his footsteps. He then stealthily extended half his head and quickly swept his gaze across the spacious interior of the cave.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan did not find any traces of a Magic Beast when he swept his gaze across the room. He blinked his eyes. Once again, he observed the room for a good while before reassuringly walking in.

Xiao Yan glanced all over the cave as he approached its center. Eventually, his gaze landed on the middle of the cave. There was a meter high square table like object formed from the accumulation of Amethyst stones at the center of the cave. On it was a purple colored ball the size of Xiao Yan’s head.

After staring intently at the purple colored ball, Xiao Yan suddenly realized that the heat within the cave originated from this thing.

Shock filled his eyes. He did not expect that that this thing actually possessed such an enormous amount of energy. His gaze once again swept across his surroundings as he doubtfully mumbled, “Don’t tell me that this is that Purple Spirit Crystal? But why doesn’t the crystal she gave me turn hot?” As he spoke, Xiao Yan took out the rhombus shaped crystal from his chest area, exposing it to the air. Despite waiting for a while, the crystal remained icy cool.

Xiao Yan put the crystal away and with a snail-like pace, walked towards the purple spirit rock table. As he moved closer, he felt a faint heat wave hitting him, causing Xiao Yan to once again express shock for the heat energy that the thing contained.

Bending down, Xiao Yan fixated his eyes on this mysterious purple ball. A thought struck him and he suddenly shouted in his heart, “Teacher. Come out and see what this is.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s shout, Yao Lao finally floated lightly out of the ring. His gaze swept at the purple colored ball and instantly raised his old eyebrows. Surprise flashed in his eyes as he softly gasped, “This… don’t tell me this is the Amethyst Lion Birth Essence? Lucky boy. You actually managed to find this!”

“Amethyst Lion Birth Essence? What is that?” The unfamiliar name caused Xiao Yan to frown as he curiously asked.

“Tsk tsk. This is an excellent item…” Floating in the air, Yao Lao revolved around the purple colored ball as he clicked his tongue and praised, “The Amethyst Winged Lion is a Magic Beast with innate talents. Otherwise, it would be difficult for it to become a rank six Magic Beast. When the Amethyst Lion gives birth, there is an extremely small chance that she would also give birth to this kind of Amethyst Lion Birth Essence along with the baby Magic Beast.”

“As this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence stayed within the womb of the Lion King for a long time, it contains an incredible amount of pure energy. As long as the young Lion King swallows this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence after it has grown to a rank four Magic Beast, it will be able to immediately become a rank five Magic Beast. Moreover, the purple flame in its body would be stronger than those Amethyst Winged Lions that did not swallow this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence.”

After Yao Lao finished his explanation, he sucked his lips and said, “Back then. I did not manage to find it despite breaking into eight Amethyst Winged Lion’s caves . Unexpectedly, you managed to find it.”

“Woah. It is that good?” Xiao Yan’s eyes instantly brightened after hearing Yao Lao’s explanation. He pounced onto the amethyst stone table and grabbed the Accompanying Amethyst with both his hands.

“Ahh!” An oppressive hiss exited Xiao Yan’s mouth just as his hand touched the Amethyst Lion Birth Essence. He drew a breath of cold air and hurriedly withdrew both his hands. When he noticed the burnt palms, he quickly took out some healing medicine and applied it. With a shock filled face, he said, “What a high temperature. How do I take it away?”

“Ha ha, the temperature is naturally high. Additionally, this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence has already become stuck to the amethyst stone table. If you want to take it away, you must dig it out of the cave.” Yao Lao gloated

“Dig it out?” Hearing this, the color of Xiao Yan’s face turned ugly. He swept his gaze under the amethyst stone table which extended into the ground for an unknown depth. With just him alone, he would not be able to get it out even if he dug for a few years.

Noticing that Xiao Yan’s gaze was directed towards him, Yao Lao shook his head and smiled, “Don’t look at me. I may be able to take this thing away, but it would cause a large amount of movement that would attract the attention of the Amethyst Winged Lion outside. Moreover, even if we did take this thing away, you would never be able to open this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence.”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Yan quickly asked, unwilling to lose a treasure that was in front of him.

“Other than swallowing it whole, the only other method is to forcefully smash this Amethyst Lion Birth Essence and harvest the Amethyst Essence within it. But for some reason, it is difficult to smash it open with outside force. Uh... it means that the other shell of this thing has some sort of engulfing ability. Any attack would be swallowed by it.” Yao Lao waved his hand and explained.

“Swallow it whole?” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched as he eyed the purple colored ball the size of his head. Forget about its high temperature, its very size meant that Xiao Yan would not be able to swallow it even if he stretched his throat till it broke.

“What can we do? Since you were searching for this back then, you must know of a method right?” After vexing for a while, a thought struck Xiao Yan and he turned his head around to ask Yao Lao.

“Indeed. Simply relying on brute force would not open this thing. There is only one thing that can achieve it.” Yao Lao said mysteriously.

“What is it?” Xiao Yan hurriedly asked, his eyes filled with happiness.

“Ha ha,” Yao Lao smiled and abruptly diverted his gaze to the rhombus crystal that Xiao Yan was wearing around his neck.

“This crystal? No… You mean the Purple Spirit Crystal?” Xiao Yan blanked before he came to a realization.

“Correct. Only the Purple Spirit Crystal can smash open this thing.” Yao Lao nodded, extremely pleased with Xiao Yan’s reaction.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s find the Purple Spirit Crystal!” Hearing Yao Lao’s words, Xiao Yan turned around and ran. The Purple Spirit Crystal was obviously not present in the place; it should be in the other tunnel.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to warn you that since an Amethyst Lion Birth Essence is present, then… there should also be a young Amethyst Winged Lion.” Floating behind Xiao Yan, Yao Lao said with a smile.

Xiao Yan’s rushing footsteps suddenly paused and the corner of his eyes twitched. A while later, he viciously said, “Dammit. If it dares to hinder me, I will kill it. I don’t believe that it is as aggressive as the one outside.” With that, Xiao Yan dashed out of the cave with great speed.

“How courageous.” Yao Lao smiled as he watched Xiao Yan’s back. Immediately, he added, “But you overestimate your abilities. Ha ha.”

When Xiao Yan successfully exited from the tunnel, he turned around and dashed towards the other tunnel. Knowing that there was a young Amethyst Winged Lion, Xiao Yan was extra careful. When he walked, he did not even dare to randomly step on the stones on the ground.

After walking along the tunnel for a short while, the sight before him widened.

Xiao Yan leaned tightly on the cave entrance as he slowly scanned the interior of the cave that was covered by Amethyst stone.

When his scanning eyes reached the middle part of the cave, it gradually stopped. Here, a small sized Amethyst Winged Lion laid on the ground in a creeping position and was quietly sleeping.

Seeing the sleeping small sized Amethyst Winged Lion, Xiao Yan swallowed his saliva and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Ha ha. This young beast is only rank three. Go on.” Behind him, Yao Lao joking voice quietly sounded.

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