Chapter 1389: Resolve

Chapter 1389: Resolve

Liu Chang’s group’s footsteps immediately stilled when they heard Cai Lin’s icy-cold voice. A moment later, Liu Chang and Wu Zhen suddenly turned their heads. They furiously demanded, “Why? Does the Yan Alliance intend to kill all of us in front of so many people?”

Xiao Yan placed his hands behind his back. His eyes indifferently studied Liu Chang’s group. Many of them were displaying their panic. A faint voice resounded beside everyone’s ears, “The Yan Alliance has its own rules. This is not some loose organization. It is alright if someone wishes to withdraw from the Yan Alliance. However, if one wishes to withdraw as an excuse to escape punishment after committing a crime, would one not be treating the Yan Alliance like child’s play?”

“During these years, the two of you have been overly arrogant, causing trouble for my Pill Hall and resulting in the disunity of the Yan Alliance. This is a great crime. If it can be resolved by just quitting, would it not mean that anyone who broke the rules of my Yan Alliance could just leave peacefully by quitting the Yan Alliance? In that case, is it even necessary for...

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