Chapter 1387: Pill Refinement

Chapter 1387: Pill Refinement

Being the most important location for the Yan Alliance outside of the Jia Ma Empire, there were naturally a large number of Pill Hall members located in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress. Moreover, due to the war, around eighty percent of the Pill Hall had been relocated within the branch hall in the fortress.

Quite a large commotion had occurred when Gu He had relayed the words Xiao Yan had said back to the Pill Hall. Things had been too smooth for the Pill Hall during these years. Adding the importance of the alchemists, their arrogant auras had become even richer. Normally, even Cai Lin did not speak to them this sternly. Although Xiao Yan was the chief of the Yan Alliance, he had been missing for far too long. Some of the alchemists who subsequently joined the Yan Alliance had only heard of his existence from the mouths of others. Hence, their respect for him was naturally far inferior to those from the other Halls of the Yan Alliance.

The branch hall of the Pill Hall for the Mysterious Yellow Fortress was situated to the north-west. There was an enormous region located at...

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