Chapter 1386: Cancer

Chapter 1386: Cancer

A gentleness surfaced on Cai Lin’s cold face when she saw the excitement appear in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Xiao. She valued Xiao Xiao, who was even more important than her own life. Xiao Yan truly treating Xiao Xiao well was the most important thing in her heart.

“Xiao Xiao’s current condition is already very good. She was born with a good constitution because of the “Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill” that you had sent back…” Cai Lin smiled as she explained. She involuntarily glanced at Xiao Yan again when she mentioned the pill. She had made up her mind back then. If Xiao Yan dared to forget about the medicinal pill that they had agreed or missed the date he had promised to deliver, she would have no longer contacted him in the future. Her character was stubborn, and she would never regret anything she decided on. If Xiao Yan broke his promise, she would definitely not hesitate to act. At the very most, she would lead the Snake-people tribe on a journey away.

Fortunately, Xiao Yan had remembered the medicine and the delivery time in his heart. He had even asked Xiao Li to deliver the medicinal pill when he had left the Black-Corner Region.

“The Heaven...

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