Chapter 1382: Fourth Tianzhu, Xue He!

Chapter 1382: Fourth Tianzhu, Xue He!

Xiao Yan was a little startled when he heard the ninth Tianzun’s sudden screech. His peripheral vision caught sight of the ground below that been dyed red with fresh blood. From the looks of it, this Hall of Souls did indeed have an even stronger hidden expert who had not attacked.

“Regardless of whether there is a helper, I will kill this person first!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. A ferocious glow flashed an instant later as he abruptly pushed his hand forward. The rate at which the dark-black light circle spread suddenly soared.

The ninth Tianzun was terrified when he sensed the frightening energy behind him. Dou Qi erupted from his body before he swung back, but no matter how he retaliated, the spreading speed of the black light did not slow by even a little…

“Fourth brother!”

It was futile regardless how the ninth Tianzun struggled. His face also became void of color as a sharp cry once again sounded.


The ground violently trembled after the second scream...

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