Chapter 1380: Killing With One Palm Strike!

Chapter 1380: Killing With One Palm Strike!

“Xiao Yan?”

“Third brother?”

“Alliance chief?”

Many people quickly became stunned when they saw the black-clothed young man suddenly appear on the wall. A moment later, a wild joy abruptly surged. Many different forms of addresses suddenly reverberated over the fortress. Although the young man appeared to have matured after a couple of years, his extremely familiar face was still recognized by many people in an instant.

Xiao Yan merely grinned when he heard these joyous exclamations. He was just about to speak when his brows were slightly lifted. A figure appeared behind him in a ghost-like fashion. A sharp palm wind ruthlessly slammed toward the Xiao Yan’s back.

“Be careful!”

The sudden sneak attack caused many people to be shocked, causing many of them to hurriedly warn him.


A muffled sound suddenly appeared when the cry appeared. Everyone’s faces became stunned when they saw the expert from the Profound Lion Sect, who was at the Dou Zun class, fly backwards without any reason. Blood was spat out of that person’s mouth. His...

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