Chapter 138: Joint Operation

Chapter 138: Joint Operation

As the sun stood at the apex of the sky, Xiao Yan looked up to gaze at the graceful and slender figure that stood atop a huge rock. From the horizon, sunshine poured out, spilling itself onto the figure and adding a faint layer of radiance to the already glorious spectacle.

At present, Yun Zhi’s appearance looked similar to when she had battled with the Amethyst Winged Lion while Xiao Yan had hidden to one side and watched; filled with grace and nobleness. The haughtiness from her pure and cold demeanor had a way to cause others to feel ashamed of their inferiority.

As if sensing Xiao Yan’s gaze, Yun Zhi unhurriedly turned around and lightly raised her eyes to meet the gaze of the pitch-black pair of eyes. Soon after, she quickly turned them away and informed him in a dull tone, “I will let you possess a Dou Shi level of power for a short period of time and since I am of the wind attribute, your speed will be amplified quite a bit. If any Magic Beast tries to obstruct you, try your best not to fight it or else the sounds of battle will draw even more Magic Beasts to you. If that happens, I’m afraid you will……” At this point, Yun Zhi suddenly stopped and slightly turning her head, she stared at Xiao Yan.

“En.” Eyelids droopy, it seemed that Xiao Yan did not hear the implication within Yun Zhi’s words that she had accidentally let out, he only slightly nodded his head.

Gazing at the look of serenity on Xiao Yan’s face that surpassed even her own, without knowing why, Yun Zhi’s eyebrows slightly knitted together. A short while later, she floated down the huge rock, appearing at Xiao Yan’s side and then softly asked, “Shall we start?”


Seeing Xiao Yan’s nod, Yun Zhi’s jade-like hands slowly stretched forward before lightly pressing against Xiao Yan’s back. With a light tap of her fingers, a turbulent Dou Qi energy ferociously poured into Xiao Yan and instead of rebelling due to the foreignness of the body, the Dou Qi meekly flowed through Xiao Yan’s channels under the control of Yun Zhi’s will.

The flow of this vigorous Dou Qi caused Xiao Yan’s body to feel an unprecedented amount of power. Slightly twisting his body, as if he had been reborn, the bones all throughout his body continuously emitted cracking sounds.

Tightly clenching his fist, a curious look appeared on Xiao Yan’s face; was this the power of a Dou Shi? As expected, it can’t be compared to that of a Dou Zhe’s.

Casually bouncing on his soles, Xiao Yan found that his body seemed to be much more agile than before, Evidently, this should be due to the Wind Attribute Dou Qi within his body, no wonder those Dou Zhe’s who practiced Wind Attribute Qi Techniques were so fast and nimble.

“This Dou Qi is enough to last you for two hours. During these two hours, you need to retrieve the Purple Spirit Crystal from the cave of the Amethyst Winged Lion.” Yun Zhi softly reminded, “I will do my best to stall it but you still need to watch the time; that brute’s intelligence is in no way inferior to that of a human’s. If by chance he realizes something, I’m afraid that there will not be any more chances next time.”

“Okay, shall we leave?” Xiao Yan nodded as he fixed his eyes on the soul-stirring complexion of the person beside him and then smiled.

“Yes.” Yun Zhi slightly inclined her head and with a slight jolt, a pair of green colored wings of energy slowly sprouted from her back. Yet when she lifted her head to look at Xiao Yan’s action, she was stunned. Though soon after a captivating redness appeared on her good-looking face, humiliated and angry, she chided, “What are you doing?”

Currently in an hugging posture, Xiao Yan’s eyes widened when he heard Yun Zhi’s question. Extremely amazed, he retorted, “With such a long distance, you could not possibly leave me to run there by myself right? If by chance I encounter a rank four or five Magic Beast, won’t my journey prematurely end?”

With her long eyelashes trembling, a split second later, Yun Zhi could only deeply sigh as she grudgingly nodded.

Seeing her acceptance, the corners of Xiao Yan’s mouth slightly lifted, slowly walking forward, he once again hugged this noble woman into his embrace.

“Don’t try anything funny or else I will throw you off!” In her sober state and also having recovered all her power, Yun Zhi’s tender body slightly trembled as she once again found herself in the embrace of the youngster before her. Slowly breathing in, she forcefully suppressed her nervous heart before she icily threatened.

Xiao Yan smiled as he nodded, muttering in a low voice, “I have already touched everything I should have.”

Yun Zhi’s good-looking face slightly flushed as she pretended not to hear his mutterings, with a light shake, the two wings on her back brought the two people speedily away from the ground and a moment later, they were flying high in the skies.

Just as they ascended into the skies, like an octopus, Xiao Yan wrapped himself around Yun Zhi which caused her good-looking face to be angered till it turned a tad white. In mere moments, this guy had already thrown her words to the wind; he was super thick skinned.

Yun Zhi wore an icy-cold expression on her good-looking face as she increased her speed to the maximum. High in the air, a green light flashed as their figures already flew over a hundred meters ahead.

“Oh, right, what star Dou Huang are you?” Paying no mind to clouds that flew past his ear, Xiao Yan stuck his mouth right next to Yun Zhi’s tender earlobe as he suddenly opened his mouth to inquire.

As his warm breath caressed her ears, Yun Zhi’s currently flying body violently swayed. A grudging expression flitted across her beautiful eyes as she answered with a dull tone, “Three star.”

“Then how many stars is the Amethyst Winged Lion?” Xiao Yan frowned as he followed up on his inquiry.

“Magic Beasts don’t have a clear star rating but if you want to compare using the likes of Dou Skills and Dou Qi, it can at best contend against a two star Dou Huang. However, the Amethyst Winged Lion is known for it’s physical fighting capabilities and can match up with a four or even five star Dou Huang practitioner.” Fully concentrating on flying, Yun Zhi serenely said, “To sum it up, it’s strength could perhaps be counted as a three star Dou Huang.”

“No wonder after it got close that day, you were defeated so quickly. That guy’s melee attack is indeed very strong, the wound on your chest……” Xiao Yan nodded his head, as if he had some point in mind. Before he could finish, to his horror, he found his body suddenly drop a substantial distance. He hastily hugged Yun Zhi tightly in alarm and lifting his head, he saw her cheeks puff out in anger and humiliation; thus he had no alternative but to helplessly shake his head.

“Any more rubbish from you and I will really throw you down!” Towards this blabbing guy, Yun Zhu had no way to deal with him other than to threaten him.

“Alright, then I won’t say anymore……” Xiao Yan forced a smile as he nodded his head, he was really afraid of provoking this woman; if she threw him down, that would be the end of it all.

“But, although your wounds have recovered, when I last looked, there were still some ugly scars remaining.” Though these unfathomable words blew out of Xiao Yan’s mouth like a whirlwind and caused the expression Yun Zhi’s good-looking face to suddenly grow heavy. Dou Qi gradually gathered in her body as she prepared to throw this guy, who kept testing her patience, down.

“In the future, I will help you compound some medicine that will remove those ugly scars. For such a beautiful woman, leaving these scars would not be good.” Each word that escaped Xiao Yan’s mouth caused a slight tremble in the depths of Yun Zhi’s heart. Looking down at the earnest face of the youngster, the gathering Dou Qi gradually dispersed; feigning a dull tone, she replied, “No need, once I am done here, there will be little chance of us meeting in the future.”

These words caused Xiao Yan to pause. Soon after, he inwardly mocked himself as he shook his head, looks like he was still wet behind the ears; the other party was a Dou Huang practitioner, it was a simple matter for her to obtain pills that removed scars…...

Xiao Yan quieted down as he finally shut his mouth. On the remaining journey, although Yun Zhi had her wish fulfilled and obtained peacefulness, she could not fathom why her heart felt slightly suffocated without the constant cawing of the youth at her ear. Silently, they landed on a messy rock pile.

After landing, Xiao Yan extremely conscientiously let go of Yun Zhi as his gaze swept over the huge mountain range in the distance. At the top of the mountain range, a massive cave was faintly discernable under the cover of branches.

“Is that the Amethyst Winged Lion’s cave?” As he stood behind a rock, Xiao Yan cautiously cast his line of sight towards the mountain top as he quietly asked.

“Yes.” Lightly nodding, Yun Zhi’s gaze slowly swept across the nearby areas of the cave, her amber-black eyebrows slightly knitted before saying: “The surrounding defenses have increased a lot, looks like that guy has increased security.”

“For the high ranked Magic Beasts at the cave entrance, I will try my best to kill or injure them. As for you, chose the best time to stealthily slip into the cave.” Yun Zhi turned her head and warned.

“Okay.” Xiao Yan nodded, indicating that he understood.

Seeing that all the instructions had been given, Yun Zhi felt slightly relieved. Just as she was about to fly off, she leaned her head towards Xiao Yan and said softly, “You… careful, make sure nothing bad happens.”

With a faint smile, Xiao Yan said, “You should also be careful, although I would really like it if you were once again sealed, I still hope that nothing will happen to you.”

Helplessly shaking her head, Yun Zhi no longer lingered. The wings on her back shook as her wonderful figure leaped agilely into the air before flying towards the massive cave as fast as lightning.

Yun Zhi’s figure was not concealed, thus when she entered the area within a hundred meters of the cave, continuous waves of animal howls resounded across the mountain range.

With a flick of her jade-like hand, the bizarre green colored sword appeared. Yun Zhi’s figure transformed into a green colored light and in a flash she rushed into the dense forests surrounding the cave. Immediately, mournful howls sounded out one by one. Numerous Magic Beasts fled in panic from the vicinity of the cave; in front of a Dou Huang, these ferocious Magic Beasts did not display even the slightest bit of fierceness.

“Human woman! You still dare to appear?! Today I will take your life as compensation for my horn!”

As Yun Zhi killed the guarding Magic Beasts, from within the massive cave dwelling, the Amethyst Winged Lion’s furious roar suddenly exploded through the skies.

In the wake of the roar, a brilliant violet light flared out of the cave like lightning before suddenly shooting towards the forest; in an instant, the dense forest was transformed into rubble.

The dense forest was wrecked while two lights, one green, one violet, chased each other as they rushed towards the horizon before beginning their violent clash thousands of meters up in the sky.

His eyes glanced at the battle high in the skies as Xiao Yan also finally began to move, the soles of his feet stepped off the ground as his figure transformed into a shadow and quickly burrowed into the dense forest before scuttling towards the cave atop the mountain.

Quite a while later, as Xiao Yan passed by the dense forest Yun Zhi had originally entered and the sight of the lifeless bodies of many rank three and above gigantic Magic Beasts who lay in pools of blood was reflected in his eyes.

This bloody sight caused Xiao Yan to smack his lips at Yun Zhi’s ruthlessness and although the corpses of the Magic Beasts on the ground might have high ranked magic stones, Xiao Yan had no time to search. He quickly leapt over these bodies before scuttling out of the dense forest.

Out of the dense forests, an impressively massive cave quickly appeared in his line of sight.

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