Chapter 1374: Accepting Disciple You Quan

Chapter 1374: Accepting Disciple You Quan

Xiao Yan’s subsequent days after returning to the Falling Star Pavilion had become a lot more relaxing. He stayed in the Falling Star Pavilion all day and would occasionally appear to give advice to the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion. Forget about the ordinary disciples. With his current strength and reputation, it was likely that the experience of even some Guest Elders in the Falling Star Pavilion might not be able to compare to him.

Three days slowly passed amid this feeling of leisure. The wormhole that Yao Lao was building gradually neared completion…


Many Falling Star Pavilion disciples were gathered in a spacious training ground in the star realm. They were undertaking training and sparring that they had to perform daily. However, most of the eyes in the training ground were gathered on the middle of the training ground. A young man in black robes was pointing out the inadequacies of some disciples when they unleashed their Dou Skills. His...

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