Chapter 1372: A Completely New Falling Star Pavilion

Chapter 1372: A Completely New Falling Star Pavilion

An unusually clear lake sparkled in the middle of the Gu Sacred City. The sunlight scattered into many glaring rays…


An intense ripple suddenly stirred on the calm lake’s surface as an enormous spatial crack slowly tore through the air. Many human figures swiftly rushed out of it after it appeared. Finally, they landed on the ground, and in an instant, the somewhat quiet city had become lively again.

Xiao Yan hurried out of the spatial door and finally appeared on a building. His eyes swept around. Without waiting for the members of the Gu clan to come and receive him, he moved and flew toward the city gate of Gu Sacred City. The experts from the Gu clan acted as though they did not see him. None of them stopped him, allowing him to hurry to the city’s gate before finally disappearing from their sight.

XIao Yan smoothly rushed out of Gu Sacred City. Only then did he stop in the air and look at the greenery that spread to the horizon....

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