Chapter 1370: Revealing One’s Hands

Chapter 1370: Revealing One’s Hands

Elder Tong Xuan’s body moved as he watched Hun Lin’s two-man team grow distant. He appeared in front of Xun Er and asked, “Xun Er, are you alright?”

Xun Er shook her head. Xiao Yan beside her hesitated for a moment before cupping his hands together and asking, “Elder Tong Xuan, may I know where the Little Fairy Doctor’s group is now?”

“They left three months after you entered the Heavenly Tomb. It is likely that they returned to the Falling Star Pavilion. However, they did not explain what happened. All they said is to inform you to swiftly return to the Falling Star Pavilion once you come out.” Eler Xuan Tong thought for a moment before replying.

Xiao Yan frowned when he heard this. He immediately nodded and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he faced Xun Er and said, “It seems that something has indeed happened. This time around, I will not remain in the Gu clan for long. Are you leaving with me this time?”

Xun Er hesitated for a moment when she heard this. She was just about to nod her head when Elder Tong...

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