Chapter 137: Breaking the Seal

Chapter 137: Breaking the Seal

The scene inside the cool and refreshing cave was strange and dangerous; a woman held a longsword at a young man's throat.

The icy feeling on his throat caused numerous goosebumps to appear all over Xiao Yan’s body. He raised his hands and bitterly smiled in a manner that hoped to clear up any misunderstandings, “I did not do that thing to you.”

Hearing this, Yun Zhi’s pretty face became a little flushed. In her heart, she thought: You may not have done that to me, but is there any difference between what you have done and that thing?

A glint appeared in her beautiful eyes but the longsword in Yun Zhi’s hand did not make the slightest movement. She shifted her gaze and saw the very red handprint on Xiao Yan’s face. Evidently, that was the spot where the slapping sound in the cave had originated from.

Staring at the somewhat comical looking handprint, the iciness in Yun Zhi’s eyes became a little warmer. A long while later, she let out a dejected sigh and weakly withdrew her longsword before walking towards the interior of the cave. When she passed Xiao Yan, she said blandly, “We will just pretend that whatever happened today did...

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