Chapter 1369: Hun Lin

Chapter 1369: Hun Lin

A man and a woman’s tall figures slowly stepped out of the empty space in front of a countless number of eyes. After which, they steadily stood in the sky. A gentle breeze blew over and their clothes gently danced. They were just like a pair of immortal lovers…

“Xun Er…”

Elder Tong Xuan and the others studied the green-clothed woman in the sky before sighing in relief. Xun Er was undoubtedly the most important person within the Gu clan. If any accident were to happen to her, they would end up with a great lose that could not be filled.

“That is Xiao Yan, huh… this aura…”

Elder Tong Xuan’s eyes paused on Xun Er before suddenly turning to the black-haired young man beside her. After which, his eyes hardened a little, and a surprise appeared within them. With his eyesight, he could naturally sense that Xiao Yan’s aura had reached that of an eight star Dou Zun. This was many times stronger than half a year ago!

“His strength has increased by three stars… what frightening speed.”

Some Elders faced each other. There was a...

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