Chapter 1367: Kill

Chapter 1367: Kill

“Xiao Yan?”

Hun Ya’s and Hun Li’s expressions slowly darkened when they saw the two figures steadily walk out of the void.

Xiao Yan gently stretched his body. He and Xun Er were suspended in the air. His eyes were looking at the Hun duo below in a slightly teasing manner as he said, “It has been two years since we last met. Looks like the both of you have not been doing very well.”

Hun Ya’s expression was gloomy. His eyes suddenly swept around him, but his heart quietly sighed in relief after failing to find that mysterious expert from back then. He coldly laughed, “Xiao Yan, you should not be overly arrogant. Even if I cannot get rid of you in the Heavenly Tomb, you will sooner or later be a homeless stray once we leave this place.”

“Since that is the case… I should get the both of you to remain here forever. I think that given the strength of the both of you, you should be able to become eight star energy bodies right?” Xiao Yan faintly smiled. However, his words caused a chill to rise within Hun Ya and Hun Li’s bodies....

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