Chapter 1364: Peak of an Eight Star Dou Zun!

Chapter 1364: Peak of an Eight Star Dou Zun!

Xiao Xuan and Xun Er’s eyes were focused on Xiao Yan as they stood outside of the blood pool. Their faces were filled with a seriousness and a nervousness.

“Xiao Yan, you must not lose your rational thoughts…”

Xiao Xuan tightly clenched his hands. His mouth continued to softly mutter words.


While Xiao Xuan continued to mutter, a strange muffled sound was suddenly emitted from Xiao Yan’s body. The two watched Xiao Yan’s face become an extreme purple-red color, and his soaring aura began to rapidly revert.


Xiao Xuan and Xun Er heaved a sigh of relief when they sensed Xiao Yan’s aura rapidly weaken. Fortunately, Xiao Yan had maintained his calm in the face of great temptation.

Xiao Yan’s aura quickly diminished. Within a couple of minutes, it had weakened from the peak of the ninth star to around the sixth star. However, this was not something that the previous six star Xiao Yan could compare with. Both were similar levels but there was a significant...

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