Chapter 1362: Blood Fusion

Chapter 1362: Blood Fusion

“Dragon Phoenix bloodline strength?”

Xun Er was also startled when she heard Xiao Xuan’s stunned voice. She asked somewhat uncertainly, “What is this thing?”

Dragon Phoenixes had rarely appeared on the Dou Qi continent’s history. Hence, even though Xun Er was a member of the Gu clan, she was still extremely unfamiliar with this term.

Xiao Xuan also revealed a surprised expression in his eyes as he studied Xiao Yan in the blood pool. It was difficult for him to imagine that there was still such a thing hidden within Xiao Yan’s body. It should be known that a legendary existence like the Dragon Phoenix was something that even he had never personally seen.

“A Dragon Pheonix is a mysterious creature that possesses the bloodline of the Ancient Void Dragon and the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix. This is the true supreme creature of the Magical Beast world. However, they have only appeared a few times. Even I have never personally seen such an existence.” Xiao Xuan slowly explained.

“A mysterious creature that possesses both the bloodline...

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