Chapter 1360: Bloodline Inheritance

Chapter 1360: Bloodline Inheritance

Xiao Yan’s group followed Xiao Xuan to the deepest region of the Heavenly Tomb before they gradually came to a stop. Their surroundings were as black as ink because there was almost no light. One appeared to be standing in the empty realm as a kind of lost panicked feeling rose within one’s heart.

“This is the deepest part of the Heavenly Tomb…”

Xiao Xuan smiled as he spoke. He pointed to an ancient stone tablet in front. This tablet stood in this dark-black region in a lonely manner. It was quiet and lonely, appearing as though it had existed for a long time. “This is my tomb…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes followed the direction Xiao Xuan had indicated and saw an ancient stone tablet. Even though a countless number of years had passed, the stone tablet still emitted an aura that could not be described. This kind of aura was not intense, but it caused one’s soul to feel a flutter that could not be stopped.

“The four of you should train outside the stone tablet. This place is where the energy in the Heavenly Tomb is the most dense. Other energy...

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