Chapter 136: Cave of Youthful Passion

Chapter 136: Cave of Youthful Passion

The two tongues continued to be entangled in Xiao Yan’s mouth while wave after wave of pleasure continued to invade Xiao Yan’s heart. The strength used by his arm grew as if he was attempting to merge the woman in his arms into his body.

Following the growth of the flame of desire in him, Xiao Yan was in a daze as one of his hands involuntarily climbed onto Yun Zhi’s narrow waist. It flowed slightly before passing through the black robe and touching the smooth and delicate warm jade-like skin.

As their two bodies made such an intimate contact, both Xiao Yan and Yun Zhi trembled slightly. With his breathing becoming ragged, Xiao Yan slowly shifted his hand upwards. A moment later, he actually grabbed her soft peaks.

With the woman’s most sensitive part being invaded, Yun Zhi, who had lost her mind to the flame of desire became slightly awake. Her face became white when she felt their intimate posture. Like lightning, she parted with Xiao Yan, clenched her silver teeth and whispered with great difficulty, “Yao Yan you… if you dare do that to me, I will kill you...

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