Chapter 136: Cave of Youthful Passion

Chapter 136: Cave of Youthful Passion

The two tongues continued to be entangled in Xiao Yan’s mouth while wave after wave of pleasure continued to invade Xiao Yan’s heart. The strength used by his arm grew as if he was attempting to merge the woman in his arms into his body.

Following the growth of the flame of desire in him, Xiao Yan was in a daze as one of his hands involuntarily climbed onto Yun Zhi’s narrow waist. It flowed slightly before passing through the black robe and touching the smooth and delicate warm jade-like skin.

As their two bodies made such an intimate contact, both Xiao Yan and Yun Zhi trembled slightly. With his breathing becoming ragged, Xiao Yan slowly shifted his hand upwards. A moment later, he actually grabbed her soft peaks.

With the woman’s most sensitive part being invaded, Yun Zhi, who had lost her mind to the flame of desire became slightly awake. Her face became white when she felt their intimate posture. Like lightning, she parted with Xiao Yan, clenched her silver teeth and whispered with great difficulty, “Yao Yan you… if you dare do that to me, I will kill you when I recover my strength in the future!”

Yun Zhi’s voice carried a faint numbness due to the flame of desire burning in her, but the serious words carried a slight crying sound.

Like a heavy hammer, Yun Zhi’s words heavily smashed onto Xiao Yan’s head and immediately helped him escape the control of the flame of desire. Feeling that his hand was actually holding a private spot, Xiao Yan’s face turned purple as he hurriedly remove it. He viciously circulated the Dou Qi in his body as he struggled to suppress the writhing flame of desire.

When Xiao Yan was suppressing the flame of desire in him, Yun Zhi’s consciousness was once again conquered by the flame of desire. Her arm hugged Xiao Yan’s waist as her cheek repeatedly rubbed against Xiao Yan’s chest. Just as her consciousness was about to fade, however, a crystal clear tear fell from Yun Zhi’s beautiful eyes. An unclear voice escaped from her attractive red lips, “Yao Yan. If I lose my body to you, I will first kill you then myself!”

The crystal clear tear flowed down her face, finally landing on Xiao Yan’s chest. The cold feeling caused a bitterness to surface in Xiao Yan’s mouth. Sighing lightly, he asked in his heart, “Teacher, stop playing dead. How can I undo the effect of this thing.”

“Ha ha. This is a really good opportunity. This woman likely enjoys a high status in the Jia Ma Empire. If you…” Yao Lao’s joking laughter sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Stop fooling around. She’s not the type of person who would just leave with anyone who had her body. You heard her just now; if I really took advantage of her, I will be the first person to be killed after she wakes.” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed as he shook his head. He lowered his head and saw the red faced hazy eyed noble woman before whispering, “I can feel that she is not joking. Given her character, I’m afraid she’ll really do it.”

“Ugh, what a good opportunity…” Yao Lao sighed a little regretfully and helplessly said, “Gather your Dou Qi in your hand and massage the acupuncture points on her lower abdomen, thighs and just below her neck. You should know the exact location of these places very well.”

“Ugh…” The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes twitched upon hearing these places. Why were they all spots where women were most sensitive? “Teacher, you better not be fooling around. This involves my life.” Wiping off his perspiration, Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and said. However, Yao Lao remained silent after Xiao Yan’s question. Being left with no other choice, Xiao Yan clenched his teeth, bent his body and carried Yun Zhi’s lazy waist before placing her on the stone table.

By then, Yun Zhi’s clothes were already partially removed, exposing a large portion of her naked body and presenting an extremely glaring sight. Xiao Yan only became more miserable. Not only did he have to suppress the writhing flame of desire in him, he had to act as a saint in front of this half naked beauty.

Xiao Yan took a deep breath as he slowly extended his hands that were covered with Dou Qi. Facing the barely conscious Yun Zhi, he whispered, “I’m sorry.” After saying those words, Xiao Yan no longer hesitated. His hands quickly pulled apart the black robe on Yun Zhi’s body, stopping only when half of her snow white chest was revealed.

Xiao Yan was not distracted as he extended three fingers and slowly rubbed on a spot below her neck and half an inch above her breast.

Following the Dou Qi entering her body, the flushed redness on Yun Zhi’s face ceased spreading. The seductive moan from her nose had also weakened.

Seeing that it was effective, Xiao Yan’s spirit spiked and Dou Qi hurriedly poured into his hand. After massaging for a few minutes, Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted downwards and paused on Yun Zhi’s lower abdomen. Xiao Yan sighed when faced with this sensitive zone before he continued to part the black robe.

This time around, the act of parting the black robe caused those pair of pert breast to lose their covering and naughtily exposed its nakedness to the air.

Swallowing his saliva, Xiao Yan fingers touched the calm lower abdomen and began to lightly move. Such an intimate touch naturally caused Xiao Yan’s heart to swing.

As the Dou Qi was transferred through the spot on the small abdomen, the redness on Yun Zhi’s face also subsided. Her pink colored neck also began to gradually returned to its normal whiteness.

After massaging her abdomen for a few minutes, Xiao Yan hurriedly pulled the black robe back up. Next, he began to lift up the black robe that was over Yun Zhi’s legs. Xiao Yan did not dare to act impudently at such a spot. When he lifted it sufficiently, he quickly found the right spot and closed his eyes as he used his Dou Qi to ease the flame of desire in Yun Zhi.

When Xiao Yan had his eyes closed, Yun Zhi, who was lying on the bed, tightened her hand. Her long eyelashes continued to quiver as an expression of shame and anger repeatedly flashed on her face.

A moment later, Xiao Yan was drenched in perspiration as he finally removed his hand. He pulled the black robe downwards and panted roughly. Turning around, he found that Yun Zhi’s face had returned to normal and let out a sigh.

During the moment when Xiao Yan sighed, the Dou Qi in his body that was greatly exhausted from helping Yun Zhi suppress her flame of desire almost allowed the flame of desire in him to surface again. With a red face, Xiao Yan bent his body slightly and watched the defenseless beauty lying on the stone bed. He involuntarily stepped forward and lowered his head to watch the tender, beautiful and seductive lips. A fire flashed across his eyes before he slowly lowered his head. Feeling the closing breath, Yun Zhi’s hands also began to tighten.

Just as Yun Zhi was preparing to retaliate, the closing breath did not move any closer to her face. After a brief silence, a clear sound of a hard slap sounded in the cave. When the sound died off, the hot breath had slowly distanced itself. The sound of staggering footsteps gradually left the cave.

Only when the sound of the footsteps vanished did Yun Zhi shake her eyelashes and opened her eyes. Seeing the slightly disordered black robe on her body, another tear fell. Although she was clear that the most frightening thing did not occur, Xiao Yan’s massage was no different from seeing all of her naked body.

With her position, there was almost no one who dared to be impudent in front of her, much less randomly touching her body. Thinking of how her first kiss which she had preserved for so many years was snatched away by a boy much younger than her in this cave, Yun Zhi felt a crazy desire to cry but no tears appeared.

Having lost her Dou Qi, Yun Zhi appeared less cold and unfeeling than she usually felt. Her unreachable position also seemed to be temporarily sealed in the deep recess of her consciousness.

Had this occurred in the past, Yun Zhi would not hesitate to pull out her sword and cut Xiao Yan into eighteen pieces. Of course, had her Dou Qi not been sealed, the effect of the aphrodisiac that Xiao Yan had randomly put together would not have been able to cause Yun Zhi to feel even the least bit dizzy.

Lying on the stone bed, Yun Zhi bit her red lips. Her face was constantly flipping between brightness and gloominess without anyone being able to comprehend her thoughts.

After running out of the cave, Xiao Yan crazily dashed towards the waterfall a short distance away. The spreading flame of desire in him had caused his body to feel like a burning charcoal; he continued running for some distance with his red face. The rumbling sound of water soon entered his ears and the moist air that pounced onto his face caused Xiao Yan to feel a little more comfortable.

“Plop!” Upon seeing the lake appearing in his eyes, Xiao Yan jumped into it like a fish. His body sunk to the bottom of the lake, allowing the cold lake water to pacify his hot body.

Xiao Yan took out an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ from his storage ring and threw it into his mouth, incidentally taking in a few gulps of lake water. Then, at the bottom of the lake, Xiao Yan crossed his legs and began allowing his Dou Qi to circulate and began banishing the flame of desire.

With the provocation from the water and the gradual recovery of his Dou Qi, the heat on Xiao Yan’s body began to recede; the writhing flame of desire in him also began to slowly disappear.

“Plop.” A human head suddenly erupted from the calm lake surface as Xiao Yan wiped the water that adhered to his face and raised his head to watch the sun hanging high in the sky. He weakly let out a breath and slowly swam towards the edge of the lake as he repeatedly took in gulps of air.

Xiao Yan’s narrow eyes stared at the sky when he suddenly licked his lips. The noble and beautiful face of Yun Zhi once again appeared in his eyes. The originally noble, female god like existence had revealed her most seductive and depraved posture to him.

Xiao Yan shook his head as he laughed bitterly in a soft voice. He knew that regardless of what happened in the future, she would always hold a place in his heart as the one who gave him his first taste of a woman.

“Ugh…” Sighing without any reason, Xiao Yan climbed out of the lake and carried an uneasy feeling as he slowly walked back to the cave.

As he was about to reach the cave, Xiao Yan took in a deep breath. He softly mumbled, “She should have woken up, right?”

Holding his own hand, Xiao Yan opened his stride and walked into the cool cave. He directed his gaze to the stone platform and became stunned. Yun Zhi, who was supposed to be lying there, had vanished.

Anxiety flashed across Xiao Yan’s face as he quickly took a few steps forward and was just about to shout when his neck suddenly became cold. A strange looking longsword that carried a no heat was tightly nestled on his throat.

His body suddenly became stiff as Xiao Yan’s eyes gazed to his back. Wearing a black robe, Yun Zhi’s right hand was carrying the longsword as she stood behind him with an icy face.

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