Chapter 1359: Xiao Xuan!

Chapter 1359: Xiao Xuan!

“Xiao Xuan?”

Xiao Yan’s body suddenly trembled when he heard the exclamations of the Hun Diao duo. The blood flowing within his body suddenly fluctuated in a strange manner. This ripple was extremely familiar.

The empty space in front of Xiao Yan’s group formed some ripples in front of everyone’s eyes as a figure in pale-green clothes quietly appeared. The appearance of this figure did not attract any unnatural phenomenon, but it appeared as though everyone present could not endure a punch or a kick from this person.

“Hun clan… what a hateful bloodline.”

The figure appeared and raised his head, revealing a face that did not appear very handsome, but it caused one to feel that there was something unique. His black hair reached his shoulders and a pair of ink-like eyes were as deep as black holes with an unusual wisdom. It was filled with a charm that caused one to feel intoxicated.

“Xiao Xuan!”

The Huo Diao duo’s eyes were staring at the unusually familiar face as shock and horror...

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