Chapter 1356: Saint Xue Dao

Chapter 1356: Saint Xue Dao

Gu Qing Yang’s group nodded as they watched the figure slowly stand on the large stone mountain. They slowly walked out of the shadows…

“Looks like there will be an intense battle this time around…” Gu Hua bitterly smiled. Fighting with an elite Ban Sheng was quite a crazy thing to do from their point of view. Although the elite Ban Sheng in front of them was merely an energy body, it still possessed the fighting knowledge and Dou Skills from when it was alive. They might have the advantage of numbers, but it was really difficult to say just who would end up winning.

“Creak.” Gu Xing’s large fist was slowly clenched. A creak sound continued to be emitted. At this moment, his somewhat simple and honest face was covered with a seriousness. A powerful but calm majestic aura surged out of his body.

“Everyone should be careful… the opponent this time around is not ordinary.” Gu Qing Yang softly sighed.

“Intruders, all of you should be aware of the consequences the moment you step into this place…”


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