Chapter 1354: Third Level

Chapter 1354: Third Level

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the thing that appeared like an insect before swiftly withdrawing them. The current him did not have much time to waste!

“The crystal wall here seems to be exceptionally hard. Even its color is even denser than what we have seen before…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed an expression of deep thought. He immediately inhaled a deep breath of air. After taking a step forward, his body merged with the fire dragon. He swung his right fist and a hot whistle buzzed within the tunnel in an ear-piercing manner.


Xiao Yan’s right fist swiftly merged with the fire dragon. After which, it was suddenly thrown forward and ruthlessly smashed into the emerald wall. A low and deep explosion suddenly resounded as intense rippling forces began to swiftly spread from Xiao Yan’s fist, causing the tunnel to shake…


A tiny crack line began to explode in the crystal wall in front of everyone’s anxious eyes. This crack line began to rapidly spread. Finally, it emitted a ‘bang’ in front of everyone’s joyous eyes and...

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