Chapter 1353: Opening the Crystal Wall

Chapter 1353: Opening the Crystal Wall

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face was slowly withdrawn after storing the many energy cores into his Storage Ring. His eyes were grave as he looked at the crystal wall in front of him. At this moment, one could see some wiggling insect figures embedded in the crystal wall. Wave after wave of liquid energy continued to seep out of the wall. After which, it solidified and adhered to the crystal wall…

“You two, I shall leave the sides to the both of you…” Xiao Yan turned his head and spoke to Huo Zhi and Yao Xing Ji.

Huo Zhi nodded when she heard his words. On the other hand, Yao Xing Ji merely glanced at Xiao Yan. Although he did not say anything, it was obvious that he was a little displeased in his heart that Xiao Yan was issuing orders.


Yao Xing Ji withdrew his eyes. He moved his hands and a cluster of pale-black flames surfaced above his palm. A strange wind sound vaguely whistled when the flame materialized. One would feel an unusual irritation when this wind sound was transmitted into one’s ears. It was as though this kind of unusual sound could stir one’s emotions.

“This is…”

All the eyes present slide over when they saw the...

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