Chapter 1352: Collecting Remuneration

Chapter 1352: Collecting Remuneration

“Ancient Devouring Insects?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the mutterings of Gu Qing Yang’s group.

“This is a small Magical Beast that lived during ancient times. Their bodies are extremely tiny, but they are endless in number. The ancient Devouring Insects, as their name suggests, are able to devour everything. After which, they secrete pure energy. Originally, this kind of thing should have gone extinct. It is unexpected that we have found them here…” Xun Er softly explained.

“This light curtain should have been created by these Ancient Devouring Insects… unexpectedly, we have barged into their nest. If they awaken, not even dregs would remain of us.” Gu Qing Yang’s expression was a little grave as he spoke. Finding these Ancient Devouring Insects had completely exceeded his expectation.

“It is likely not just this light curtain. It might be possible that quite a bit of energy within this Heavenly Tomb has been created by them…” Gu Zhen lowered his body, touched the ground, and slowly wondered aloud.

“Gu Qing Yang, are you planning on getting...

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