Chapter 135: The Trouble Caused by the Aphrodisiac

Chapter 135: The Trouble Caused by the Aphrodisiac

When Xiao Yan finally regained consciousness, he vaguely felt a gentle and warm arm on his waist. His head also seemed like it was leaning against something. Most importantly, his back was pressing tightly against two soft molds...

Gradually awaking, Xiao Yan felt his lips gradually become cool as a large mouthful of cold clear water was somewhat forcefully poured into it. Due to the poor skill of the person pouring the water, quite a bit of it ended up being poured into Xiao Yan’s nose.

“*Cough*, *cough*, *cough*…” Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly opened as he hurriedly lowered his head and violently coughed. Eyeing Yun Zhi who was carrying a bowl of clear water behind him and looking as though she did not know what to do, the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched as he laughed bitterly, “You’re trying to choke me to death, aren’t you?”

Hearing this, shame appeared on Yun Zhi’s pretty face. This was the first time that she took care of someone; it was already quite good for her to achieve this result.

Putting down the bowl in her hands, Yun Zhi asked with a smile, “Are you alright?”

“I’m quite fine.” Xiao Yan shook his head and rubbed his somewhat dizzy head as he said, “Luckily, it was only a rank two Magic Beast. If it was rank three, I’m afraid that I would not have been able to return.”

“I’m sorry, I did not think that something like that would happen.” Perhaps it was because her strength was temporarily sealed but in the last few days, the apologies from Yun Zhi’s mouth had increased. If this phenomenon was known to those who were acquainted with her, they may be so shocked that they would end up swallowing their own tongue.

After smiling bitterly, Xiao Yan waved his hand and said, “Forget it. It was my fault for not being clear with you.” At this point, Xiao Yan’s stomach suddenly growled, causing him to feel a little embarrassed.

Listening to the sound from Xiao Yan’s stomach, Yun Zhi burst out laughing. Her laughter was both clear and enchanting. She reached out her hand, stopping Xiao Yan who was about to get up to prepare food, and said with a smile, “You are now a patient. I’ll grill the fish today.”

“You know how to grill fish?” Hearing her suggestion, Xiao Yan immediately directed his stunned gaze towards the beautiful woman who obviously had a high status.

“I have learnt a little after watching you do it for the last two to three days.” With a smile, Yun Zhi turned around and walked towards the stone platform, leaving Xiao Yan with a sight of her beautiful and mesmerising back.

Watching Yun Zhi squatting on the ground and lighting a fire to grill the fish, Xiao Yan simply smiled and let out a long sigh. His hands displayed the training form and he folded his legs. A moment later, he entered the training mode.

Squatting beside the fire, Yun Zhi was sweating heavily as she flipped the fishes. Occasionally, she would turn around and watch Xiao Yan training with his eyes close and involuntarily whispered, “No one else has eaten the fish that I have grilled. You little brat, actually daring to look down on me…”

Turning the wooden handle once more, Yun Zhi swept her gaze across some jade bottles on the stone table. She knitted her eyebrows together as her hands slowly moved. A moment later, she suddenly grabbed a jade bottle that was closest to the corner. “The seasoning is this bottle, right?”

Lifting the transparent bottle, Yun Zhi studied the white powder within it. Feeling that it appeared similar to the one Xiao Yan had used before, she poured it onto the grilled fish.

A clear laughter prompted Xiao Yan to withdraw from his training state. He blinked and stared at the slightly burnt grilled fish that was placed in front of him. The corner of his mouth twitched as he lifted his head and watched Yun Zhi who was staring at him with her beautiful eyes. He involuntarily laughed dryly, “Was this fish grilled by you?”

“This is the first time I have grilled any food. Even if it doesn’t taste good, you must also finish it. Else when I recover…” Seeing Xiao Yan’s expression, Yun Zhi raised her red lips and waved a grilled fish in her hand. In her bland voice was a threat that was understood even without being voiced.

“Big sis, I am a sick person. It’s fine if you don’t give me the best care but are you trying to poison me?” Hearing her words, Xiao Yan immediately whimpered but was ignored by Yun Zhi who simply chewed a small piece of fish meat. She instantly frowned, obviously not pleased with her cooking.

Seeing that he was ignored, Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head. He repeated that he was immune to poison in his heart before taking a bite.

The burnt fish caused his mouth to turn a little black but there was nothing that Xiao Yan could do. He chewed the food in his mouth and swallowed it. However, when he was halfway through with the grilled fish, his eyebrows were slowly pressed together. His body also began to twitch uncomfortable.

“That… Yao Yan, you… do you feel that something is amiss?” Yun Zhi who was standing in front of Xiao Yan suddenly asked softly. Her face had turned bright red.

Xiao Yan finally raised his head when he heard the question. His heart jumped violently. In front of him, the slender Yun Zhi’s face was filled with an attractive redness. Her normally alert eyes had now turned hazy. When Xiao Yan’s gaze moved downwards, he noticed that even Yun Zhi’s neck was covered with a layer of pink.

“Something is indeed amiss…” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed as he realised that his body had abruptly become very hot. Moreover, this heat was on a rising trend.

Taking in a deep breath, Xiao Yan eyed the panic that appeared on Yun Zhi’s face that was caused by this strange occurrence. Following that, he lowered his head and looked at the grilled fish in their hands. After musing for a moment, a thought struck him and he asked in a dry voice, “You… did you put anything on this? Take it out and let me have a look.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Lao Zhi similarly became aware that the root of the problem was the grilled fish in their hands. At once, she hurriedly grabbed the small jade bottle from the stone table and handed it to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan swiftly received the small jade bottle and studied the pale white medicinal powder within it. His eyes suddenly convulsed, especially when his finger pinched a little of it and placed it in his mouth. The expression on his face became much more colorful.

“What is it? Is there a problem with the seasoning?” Witnessing Xiao Yan’s manner, Yun Zhi curiously asked.

“Who told you that this is the seasoning used to grill fish?” Xiao Yan said, feeling a desire to cry but no tears came forth.

“It looked similar to the one that you usually used…” At that moment, Yun Zhi appeared to have understood that she had messed up again. A little embarrassment inevitable found its way into her voice.

Letting out a long sigh, Xiao Yan realized that the nefarious heat rising in his lower abdomen was growing increasingly intense. Instantly, he shrunk his lower abdomen and with the help of Dou Qi, used all his might to contain the nefarious heat, preventing it from spreading.

“What is this thing?” In front of him, Yun Zhi was also beginning to feel that her body was growing increasingly hot, giving her an impulse to strip off her clothes. However, she was a person with the strength of a Dou Huang. Even with her strength being sealed, she still possessed the mental strength to forcefully suppress the heat in her as she hurriedly questioned.

“This… is something that I had unintentionally created… an aphrodisiac.” Xiao Yan replied with an even redder face.

“An aphro… aphrodisiac?” Yun Zhi’s face became stagnant upon hearing the answer. A blushing red immediately appeared on her face as she stomped her feet and scolded, “Instead of learning proper things at such a young age, you actually refine such nonsense. I don’t know what exactly that useless teacher of yours is teaching you!”

Faced with Yun Zhi’s anger caused by her embarrassment, Xiao Yan felt wronged. “Big sis, I may have placed the thing there but I did not tell you to use it as a seasoning.”

“What should we do now?” At the moment, Yun Zhi felt completely helpless, without the power she had shown when she fought with the Amethyst Winged Lion.

“Use Dou Qi to suppress it. This is something that I randomly refined so it should not be too potent. It should be alright if we suppress it.” Once he gave his suggestion, Xiao Yan hurriedly closed his eyes and began circulating the Dou Qi in his body, focusing it on the rising desires in order to control it.

Watching the closed eyed Xiao Yan, Yun Zhi also began to use her Dou Qi to suppress the heat. However, when she was circulating her Dou Qi, she abruptly realised that all of her Dou Qi was already sealed by the Amethyst Winged Lion. What did she have left to suppress the desire in her?

Following the flame of desire in her heart, Yun Zhi’s bright eyes became increasingly hazy. The flame of desire was driving out her sense of reasoning.

“You can slowly try to suppress it. I cannot continue to stay here. I want to leave!” A gust of wind blew into the cave, causing Yun Zhi to become a little sober. Instantly, she clenched her silver teeth and ran towards the cave entrance.

Xiao Yan, who was originally suppressing the flame of desire in him was totally shocked when he heard Yun Zhi’s words. Things would become terrible if he let her leave; Magic Beasts would come from all directions and block this place.

Hurryingly opening his eyes, Xiao Yan jumped from the stone bed and frantically grabbed Yun Zhi from behind.

When Xiao Yan’s hands touched the soft narrow waist of hers, Yun Zhi’s body suddenly hardened. She reflexively turned around and threw a tight slap on Xiao Yan’s face. In her poor condition, however, her hand that landed on Xiao Yan’s face lacked any strength, causing it to appear more like an attempt at massaging a lover.

“Big sis, What if you lose your senses after running out? You should know that there are some Magic Beast which are also interested in human woman. For example, the Co-Ape…”

Once the word ‘Co-Ape’ entered her ear, Yun Zhi’s face became much paler. She had also heard of the lewd beast with this vile name. Just thinking of the possibility of being taken by this filthy being caused her to feel sick.

Being neither able to leave nor stay further drove Yun Zhi to be mad with anxiety. Her small mouth suddenly widened and bit down on Xiao Yan’s shoulders. However, being this close to a male scent further caused the heat in her to suddenly increase and soar, much like a firewood meeting an intense flame. The small mouth that had bitten on Xiao Yan’s shoulders loosened its grip . A small tongue stealthily slide out and lightly licked on the small wound.

The cool and wet feeling from his shoulders caused Xiao Yan’s body to tremble. The flame of desire that he had suppressed with much effort suddenly exploded and soared once again. His arm gradually used more strength as he tightly hugged the soft narrow waist in his arms.

In his dazzled state, Xiao Yan lowered his head and felt a softness on his lips. He opened his mouth, allowing a small moist tongue to mysteriously enter.

When two tongues unexpectedly intertwined, Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly widened. His body had suddenly solidified, much like being struck by lightning. At that moment, only one sentence lingered in his mind.

“I’ve lost my first kiss…”

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