Chapter 1348: Purple Sky Demon Puppet

Chapter 1348: Purple Sky Demon Puppet

“Leave quickly!”

Hun Ya’s expression changed the moment Xiao Yan’s body turned into nothing. A cry sounded, and his body immediately turned around without any hesitation and tried to rush into the distance. The dark-and-gloomy-faced Hun Li quickly followed behind. The ambush that the two of them had put in a lot of effort to place not only failed, but they had landed within a trap set by Xiao Yan’s duo.

“Since you have come, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

However, the two of them had just turned around when a figure slowly appeared behind them. Looking at that smiling face, who else could it be other than Xiao Yan.

“Get lost!”

Hun Ya’s expression sank when he saw Xiao Yan blocking him. He shook his sleeve, and a thick dark-black chain shot out like a poisonous snake. It emitted the sound of whistling wind as it shot directly toward Xiao Yan’s head.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Hun Ya attack. His foot stomped on empty air and the ground suddenly exploded. A ten-foot-large lava pillar shot toward the sky...

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