Chapter 1347: Nine Star Energy Body

Chapter 1347: Nine Star Energy Body

A rich energy fog continuously seeped from the ground of this desolate quiet large land, covering this endless land…

Two figures slowly appeared at a certain spot within the vast land. Their eyes swept the somewhat messy ground around them. Their brows twitched slightly after briefly sensing the area.

“A trace of an eight star energy body... It looks like Hun Ya and Hun Li killed it. Looks like Hun Li has completely recovered. Otherwise, they would not be able to finish it off with such speed.” Xiao Yan grabbed some soil, rubbed it, and spoke in a faint voice.

“These ten plus days have been enough to allow that fellow to recover from his injuries. However, it is not possible to heal his broken arm. His fighting strength will be greatly reduced as a result…” Xun Er’s pretty eyes contained a trace of caution as they swept around her. She softly said, “If we count the days, we should be approaching the entrance to the third level…”

“Aye, those two fellows have fled for over ten days like dogs who have lost hope....

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