Chapter 1343: Bitter Training

Chapter 1343: Bitter Training

Fluorescent lights drifted above the foggy land. At a glance, it appeared like the entire world was covered in a deadly silence. There was not even the slightest life force present…

This dead silence remained for an unknown period of time. Suddenly, the low and deep sound of rushing wind appeared. A low cry was mixed within it. The sound followed the fog and penetrated through it. If one’s eyes were to follow the direction where the sound originated, one would be able to see two blurry figures…

Only upon closer inspection one would discover ten illusory figures around the two people. These figures had empty eye sockets floating around. Despite the absence of eyes, the speed and strength of these energy figures was not weakened even a little. A majestic energy surged when they attacked. Some of the large rocks on the ground were shattered.

“Hee, attack!”

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed as he watched the energy bodies surrounding him. After which, he let out a loud cry.

Xiao Yan’s figure rushed away almost instantly after his loud cry sounded. At the same time, a lovely figure also flashed and appeared from...

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