Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb

Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb

The ancient spatial door stood between the sky and the earth. An ancient aura spread from it, causing everyone’s soul to quiver…

“Everyone, should be aware of the rules regarding entering the Heavenly Tomb. Every clan has two places. There cannot be an excess number of people entering…” Elder Tong Xuan’s elderly figure was suspended in the sky. His eyes looked down at the surrounding human figures as he spoke.

Everyone slightly nodded upon hearing his words. The rules of entering the Heavenly Tomb has always been like this. Each clan has two places. This has continued even now. However, only the Gu clan, being the clan that guarded the Heavenly Tomb, received preferential treatment. For example, there were five from the Gu clan who could enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. This kind of preferential treatment made the other clans a little jealous.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, we will be randomly separated if we enter separately. Therefore we must enter together…” Xun Er turned her head and smiled...

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