Chapter 134: Cohabitation in the Cave

Chapter 134: Cohabitation in the Cave

On a small mountain peak, Xiao Yan laid on his belly as his gaze continuously swept across the surroundings. Because of the Amethyst Winged Lion, the Magic Beasts in the Magic Beast Mountain range were much more agitated than usual. Luckily the medicine powders made by Yao Lao were very effective; although Magic Beast would occasionally appear, after they smelled the irritating smell, they all hurriedly left the area. Thus, during these two days, Xiao Yan and Yao Lao were never discovered

“Hey, with that woman by your side, you will always have trouble. Do you plan to continue this way?” Yao Lao floated out of the ring as he smiled and said.

“Heh heh, that is a Dou Huang level practitioner, if there’s a chance to make her owe me a favor, it can be counted as a long-term investment. What is this bit of danger compared to that?” Xiao Yan’s palm slapped away the branches blocking his route as he chuckled.

“More like you’re taking advantage of her weakest moment to…...’ah ah’. This way, you would have a Dou Huang bodyguard, allowing you to do whatever you want in the Jia Ma Empire.” Yao Lao disrespectfully let out a suggestive laugh as he teased.

Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yan muttered, “I’d love to but if I did that, I’ll be the first...

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