Chapter 1339: Meet

Chapter 1339: Meet

The expressions of quite a number of Elders changed when the rainbow light covered the hall. Their bodies involuntarily trembled. If they did not possess a great strength, the pressure from the bloodline would likely cause them to kneel down like those guards…

“Xun Er…”

Some of the Elders bitterly laughed. Who else in the Gu clan other than Xun Er possessed such a bloodline pressure.

A beautiful figure slowly walked into the large hall under the eyes of many. The rainbow light spreading from her brows.

“Ugh… Xun Er, hide the clan tattoo first.” Elder Tong Xun helplessly sighed. He glanced at Elder Gu Shan, whose expression was a little ugly, as he spoke.

After hearing Elder Tong Xuan’s words, the rainbow light that was being emitted from between her brows gradually weakened. She walked to the side of the meeting table. Some fury was leaping within her pretty eyes. She knew that these fellows would definitely not accept Xiao Yan. Even though he had displayed an extremely great strength, these people still could not help but quietly obstruct ...

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