Chapter 1338: Rainbow clan Tattoo

Chapter 1338: Rainbow clan Tattoo

Elder Tong Xuan’s expression was respectful as he held the rainbow dragon pen in his hand. His heart was filled with excitement. This Rainbow Heavenly God Pen had not been used by the Gu clan for a thousand years, but it was going to be unsealed!

“Xun Er…”

Elder Tong Xuan held the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen in his hand as he looked at Xun Er. Xun Er nodded when she saw this, and then she shut her eyes.

Elder Tong Xuan’s expression became grave when he saw Xun Er nodding. A monstrous aura surged from his body in all directions. After which, the hand holding the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen tightened. His arm danced and numerous mysterious lines began to rapidly form under his palm. Following the dancing of the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen, numerous rainbow-colored symbols began to appear on Xun Er’s smooth forehead with every stroke.

This rainbow was an extremely brilliant color. It was many times stronger compared to the rainbow color on the forehead of the green-clothed man. The divine grade and the ninth grade was the difference of one grade. However, there was...

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