Chapter 1337: Divine Bloodline

Chapter 1337: Divine Bloodline

Everyone’s eyes in the stadium had gathered on that alluring figure an instant after Elder Tong Xuan’s voice sounded. She was the true pearl of the Gu clan.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you alright?”

However, Xun Er completely ignored the gazes of everyone. Her pretty eyes were a little worried. She looked at Xiao Yan, who had returned to his seat, and softly asked.

“I’m fine. I have exhausted myself is all. Everything will be alright once I rest a while…” Xiao Yan smiled. He sensed that the gazes from the members of the Gu clan had changed when they looked at him. Clearly, him defeating Gu Yao had violently shocked them.

Xun Er’s delicate hand gently wiped the trace of blood from the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth. She did not say anything, but there was a faint fury dancing within her pretty eyes. Although Xiao Yan had been victorious this time around, there was danger throughout the fight. If Xiao Yan had not formed the Annihilation...

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