Chapter 1336: Victorious

Chapter 1336: Victorious


Xiao Yan’s figure had transformed into a blood-colored meteorite in front of a countless number of shocked eyes as he shot toward the pale-faced Gu Yao. A four-colored fire lotus was emitting a bright luster. A wave of annihilation-like strength overflowed from it, causing all the closeby energy to become violent.

Xiao Yan’s speed was as quick as lightning. With a mere flash, he appeared a hundred feet in front of Gu Yao. The wild and violent energy that was being unleashed by the fire lotus truly caused Gu Yao to sense an aura of death. However, he had just used the Silent Destruction Finger and his body was empty of Dou Qi. He was also shocked by Xiao Yan. At that moment, he was unable to dodge. All he could do was watch that brilliant fire glow rapidly magnify in his eyes!

The faces of everyone from the Gu clan changed when they saw that Xiao Yan did not intend on stopping. Xiao Yan intended on delivering a killing blow!

“Ugh, Xiao Yan, show some mercy…”

Just when the fire lotus in Xiao Yan’s hand was...

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