Chapter 1335: End of Battle!

Chapter 1335: End of Battle!

After Gu Yao pressed on empty space in front of him, the entire sky appeared to have stilled. A destructive aura, which seemed to have been emitted from hell, swept out like a hurricane from where Gu Yao’s finger landed.

“Bang bang bang!”

The place stilled before it was suddenly broken. Those thick dark clouds in the distant sky began to rapidly shake at this moment. There seemed to be a frightening thing vaguely present that was about to break through the clouds.

“The Heavenly Flames might be strong, but this Tian class Dou Skill of my Gu clan is even stronger than them!”

Gu Yao held his head high as he stood between the sky and the earth. His eyes were ice-cold as he watched the enormous fire coil that flew through the air. It was accompanied by waves of explosive sounds. He lifted his hand high above, aimed it at the thick dark clouds in the sky, and then clenched it.


The spreading dark clouds suddenly paused when Gu Yao clenched his fist. The dark clouds swiftly split apart in front of numerous shocked...

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