Chapter 1334: Great Silent Destruction Finger

Chapter 1334: Great Silent Destruction Finger

Four types of Heavenly Flames were suspended in the sky. Their frightening temperatures caused the air to become dry. Fortunately, everyone here was quite strong. Hence, perspiration did not fill their faces. Even though this was the case, the eyes of quite a number of people revealed a shock. A Heavenly Flame was an extremely rare object. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan possessed four of them at this moment. This number was quite terrifying.

“Falling Heart Flame?”

Mang Tian Chi looked at the cluster of invisible flames that was rotating around Xiao Yan. He was startled before crying out in a stunned voice.

This Falling Heart Flame was something that Mang Tian Chi had placed a seal on back then. Hence, he was naturally very familiar with it. He did not expect this Heavenly Flame, which had been sealed at the bottom of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower in the Inner Academy, to land in Xiao Yan’s hands.


“Four types of Heavenly Flames… how is this possible? How can four types of Heavenly Flames exist in a person’s body? Isn’t he afraid that...

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