Chapter 1333: Peak Level Fight

Chapter 1333: Peak Level Fight


After that cold cry sounded, the firestorm that was sweeping across the sky suddenly stilled. A loud ‘bang’ sounded, and it was blasted into many pieces. Fire waves rolled and swept across the sky. They smashed into the Dou Qi barrier around him, causing the light barriers to become shaky.

The spreading fire wave scattered when it was around a hundred feet from Xiao Yan’s body. He stared at the spot where the firestorm had exploded. A figure covered by an icy-cold Dou Qi was stepping through the empty air, slowly walking over. He appeared in front of everyone’s sight.

Gu Yao, who had revealed his body at this moment, was covered by a layer of thick mysterious ice. Light flowed over the ice. He had relied on this mysterious ice armor to block the force from the firestorm.

Gu Yao stepped through the empty air. His hand was holding a long crystal spear. The long spear appeared to have been formed from some mysterious ice. A cold light flowed over it, and it emitted a sharp wind that seemed to enter one’s body. Clearly, it was made from a strange...

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