Chapter 1332: Strong Opponent!

Chapter 1332: Strong Opponent!

“Xiao Yan…”

The Little Fairy Doctor knit her brows. She could sense just how frightening Gu Yao was. Although she was confident in Xiao Yan, she also understood that this Gu Yao was definitely a strong opponent.

“There are some things that cannot be avoided…” Xiao Yan smiled at her. After which, he turned his head to look at the ice-cold face of Xun Er beside him, who was biting her lower red lip with the back of her teeth. He smiled and said, “It’s fine… even if he did not take the initiative to stir this fight, I would have stepped forward and revealed my strength to the Gu clan. Only then will I he able to block the mouths of some people.”

Xun Er nodded a little. However, her eyes became colder as she glared at Gu Yao. Xiao Yan had endured much ridicule within the Gu clan during these few days because of her. Today, he was forced to step forward and spar with another. Even with her character, all of this caused her to involuntarily feel a fury within her heart.

“Hee hee, little fellow is really quite brave. Try to be careful. The old me will...

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