Chapter 1331: Challenge

Chapter 1331: Challenge

Gu Yao’s expression was cold and indifferent as everyone’s eyes gathered on him. His footsteps were gentle and slow as he gradually entered the square. After which, he bowed to the three Elders. However, he did not kneel with one knee on the ground like Ling Quan, Gu Zhen, and the rest had done earlier. Instead, his body was straight, appearing like a long sharp spear with chilly air flowing from him.

The three Elders did not reveal any displeasure on their faces with Gu Yao’s actions. Although Gu Yao’s experience was not as great as them, his reputation within the Gu clan was extremely great. He was also in possession of an extraordinary strength. It was only natural that he did not kneel to them. They exchanged looks with each other and waved their sleeves. That ten-foot-large star disk gently flew in front of Gu Yao. Some light seeped out of it.

“It is your turn, Gu Yao.”

Gu Yao nodded with a calm expression when he heard this. After which, he slowly extended his hand in front of the many gazes and gently touched...

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