Chapter 133: Fascinating Treatment

Chapter 133: Fascinating Treatment

While the Magic Beasts of the mountain were in search of the mysterious woman, Xiao Yan, who was still under Yao Lao’s protection, stealthily rushed back to his hiding place without alerting any Magic Beasts.

“That was so exciting. That last attack by that woman was so strong. If the Amethyst Winged Beast had not dodged in time, its head would likely have been penetrated…” Recalling the thrilling and beautiful fight in the sky, Xiao Yan’s heart started beating heavily. The scene of a fight between strong beings was not something that one could easily find.

Xiao Yan carefully returned to the area around the waterfall and packed up the Medicinal Cauldron and other things that he had left lying around. He was just about to return to the cave when his feet suddenly froze.

Xiao Yan widened his eyes and did not blink as he stared at the the river flowing under the waterfall. A simply dressed beautiful lady was floating on it. Her tightly closed eyes and pale face told people that she was quite badly injured.

“Gulp...” Xiao Yan swallowed his saliva, recognising the lady floating on the water. She was the strong Dou Huang who...

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