Chapter 133: Fascinating Treatment

Chapter 133: Fascinating Treatment

While the Magic Beasts of the mountain were in search of the mysterious woman, Xiao Yan, who was still under Yao Lao’s protection, stealthily rushed back to his hiding place without alerting any Magic Beasts.

“That was so exciting. That last attack by that woman was so strong. If the Amethyst Winged Beast had not dodged in time, its head would likely have been penetrated…” Recalling the thrilling and beautiful fight in the sky, Xiao Yan’s heart started beating heavily. The scene of a fight between strong beings was not something that one could easily find.

Xiao Yan carefully returned to the area around the waterfall and packed up the Medicinal Cauldron and other things that he had left lying around. He was just about to return to the cave when his feet suddenly froze.

Xiao Yan widened his eyes and did not blink as he stared at the the river flowing under the waterfall. A simply dressed beautiful lady was floating on it. Her tightly closed eyes and pale face told people that she was quite badly injured.

“Gulp...” Xiao Yan swallowed his saliva, recognising the lady floating on the water. She was the strong Dou Huang who had battled with the Amethyst Winged Lion.

From her appearance, it appeared that she was unconscious. Xiao Yan’s heart instantly hesitated. Should he rescue her? Or should he not? If he rescued her, he may end up provoking the residents of this place but if he did not, in her current state she would likely be unable to escape from the woeful fate of being shredded into pieces by the furious Amethyst Winged Lion.

During the time when Xiao Yan’s heart was hesitating, a couple of roars belonging to Magic Beasts came vibrating from the distant woods.

“Ugh, you have good luck!” When he heard the Magic Beast roars, Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and hurriedly dashed into the water flow to carry the simply dressed woman, who was drenched, from the water. Xiao Yan placed his hands on her calves and the back of her head. The warm jade like delicate and smooth feeling that he came into contact with felt wonderful.

Xiao Yan bit the tip of his tongue and suppressed the fluttering feeling inside himself. He then carried the drenched body of the mysterious beauty and dashed in the direction of the cave entrance with all his might.

The mad dash continued until he got within a fifty meter radius from the cave entrance; only then did he heave a sigh of relief. Yao Lao had scattered a type of medicinal powder around this region. The medicinal powder was a great irritation to Magic Beasts, so there were seldom any who would break into this place. Hence, this could be considered a safe place.

After carrying the woman and hurrying to cave, Xiao Yan gently placed her onto the stone platform. He sat down beside her and took a few deep breaths.

During his rest, Xiao Yan finally found the time to observe the beautiful Dou Huang from a close distance. He carefully sized her up. An amazement gradually rose in his heart as he did so. Saying that the beauty appeared like a picture to describe her was not an exaggeration. What truly caused Xiao Yan to feel amazed was the gracefulness and nobility in her.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across her face, which appeared so fragile that a single breath could break it. He slowly shifted his eyes downwards and frowned slightly. On the chest area below her neck, five terrifying claw scars were oozing fresh blood, dying her clothes a bloody red. In her unconscious state, her eyebrows were slightly pressed together as a pained expression faintly appeared on her face. While her current manner did not match her demeanor, it was very lovely.

“She needs treatment.”

Rubbing his hands together, Xiao Yan retrieved over ten jade bottles from his storage ring. He hesitated briefly before reaching out both of his hands to pull open the woman’s dress. However, when his hand was about to make contact with her body, the mysterious woman’s tightly closed eyes were abruptly opened. Those beautiful eyes carried a coldness and annoyance from her embarrassment as they stared intently at Xiao Yan.

“Uh… are you awake?” The woman’s sudden act of opening her eyes caused a startled Xiao Yan to jump. He quickly took a few steps back and lifted the small jade bottle in his hand as he explained, “I was only intending to treat your wounds. I mean no harm. Of course…since you were unconscious, I was planning to apply the medicine for you but now that you are awake, you can do it yourself.”

As Xiao Yan spoke, he carefully placed the jade bottle beside her and once again took a few steps back. After witnessing this woman’s strength, Xiao Yan was a little afraid that she would suddenly turn mad and randomly kill him with a single slap. He’d be suffering an unjust death then.

When she saw Xiao Yan step back, the mysterious woman finally let out a sigh of relief. The eyes she used to look at Xiao Yan were a little less cold. However, when she was about to apply the medicine herself, she realized that her entire body was in a numb state.

After a brief struggle, the mysterious woman slowly closed her eyes. A moment later, she opened her eyes and grinded her teeth as she said, “That damn beast. I’m under his seal.”

Xiao Yan squatted in a corner of the cave and watched that paralyzed mysterious woman with an innocent face. However, he did not show any intentions of stepping forward and helping her.

After struggling for a little longer, the mysterious woman could only helplessly cease her futile struggle. She tilted her head and her beautiful eyes glanced at Xiao Yan who was squatting at a corner and drawing circles on the ground. She weighed him carefully and felt that this delicate and handsome young man meant no harm. Finally she whispered, “Help me apply the medicine.”

Her voice was sweet and pleasant to the ear but within it had a nobleness that could not be hidden, a possible result of her status.

“Me?” Xiao Yan lifted his head and stared at the mysterious woman. He blinked his eyes and muttered softly, “I can help you but we must agree that after this, you will not do anything stupid like trying to dig out my eyes because I saw your body.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the woman felt neither able to cry nor smile. She shook her head as she suddenly thought of how long it had been since someone dared to say something like this in front of her.

“I’m not so unscrupulous. As long as you handle your hands and mouth properly, I will not repay your help by hurting you.” The woman blandly said in a more relaxed voice.

With her assurance, Xiao Yan finally walked towards her slowly. His eyes once again swept across that beautiful face. Letting out a dry cough, he extended his hand and gently pulled the chest portion of her dress slightly apart.

After pulling apart the plain white dress, Xiao Yan found a pale blue metal inner vest under it. From the wave like flowing light, it was obvious that this was no ordinary item. On the vest were five deep claw marks with faint treads of blood flowing from them.

“What a tough inner vest. If she did not have this to protect her body, that attack by the Amethyst Winged Lion would likely have torn her upper body apart.” Xiao Yan sighed inwardly in amazement as he glanced at the pale blue colored inner vest.

“*Cough*... that, the wound is under the inner vest… in order to apply the medicine to stop the blood… it seems I need to take the vest… off.” After eyeing the pale blue vest that was wrapped around the lovable body of the woman, Xiao Yan embarrassingly and bitterly told the slightly red faced woman.

When she heard Xiao Yan’s words, the woman obviously trembled. She took in a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes slightly quivered but her voice was fairly calm, “Just remove it. Thanks.”

Seeing how she was so decisive, Xiao Yan began to feel a little uneasy. He shook his head helplessly as he lifted the woman from the stone bed and helped her sit up with her back facing him.

Watching the enchanting outlines of her curves from behind, Xiao Yan’s hand quivered slightly as he slowly stripped her of her upper garment. As he was removing her clothes, Xiao Yan’s finger would occasionally touch the skin of the woman. When this happened, he would feel her body suddenly tighten. The woman may be a legendary strong Dou Huang but when it came to man and woman matters, it looked like she was not as indifferent to it as she had claimed. After Xiao Yan slowly pulled her clothes down to her narrow waist, he vaguely saw the metal buttons on the inner vest and gently undid them one by one.

After undoing the last button, Xiao Yan carefully pulled the vest from the woman’s body. Despite his carefulness, however, the woman still took in a couple of cold breaths when the metal rubbed against the wound.

Once the inner vest was removed, the woman’s upper body was almost nakedly displayed in front of Xiao Yan. Of course, this was only her back. As for the front… Xiao Yan did not have the courage to look.

Exposing her naked upper body to a man she did not know caused the snow white skinned female with the strength of a Dou Huang to be gradually flooded by a pink layer. Her lovely body repeatedly shivered gently.

“Manage your hands and eyes properly!” At this time, the woman once again issued a warning.

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled as he retrieved a large black robe from the storage ring and covered the woman’s body with it. Only after this did he once again slowly turned her around and lay her on the stone bed.

After turning around, Xiao Yan noticed that her face was flooded with a mesmerising embarrassing red. Her eyes, however, did not appear too cold when she looked at him. Obviously, Xiao Yan’s act of covering her to reduce her embarrassment had won him a favorable impression.

“I am going to wash the wound.” Xiao Yan reminded as he slowly pulled down the black robe. When the wound was completely exposed, he hurriedly stopped. At this height, he could already see a small portion of a snow white peak and an enthralling deep cleavage that would cause men to go mad for...

Xiao Yan retrieved some clean cloth from the storage ring and poured some pale green liquid on it. After which, he slowly swabbed the bloodstain around the wound.

The mysterious woman’s eyebrows continued to quiver slightly as Xiao Yan swabbed gently. The noble looking phoenix hairpin on her head fell slightly, giving her appearance a lazier and less graceful feel to it.

As the woman’s beautiful eyes looked at the young man who was bending his head and seriously washing the wound, gratefulness appeared in her gaze.

After washing the wound thoroughly, Xiao Yan poured some white colored powder from a jade bottle on it. The effect from the powder caused the woman to knit her eyebrows together as a painful low moan sounded.

“Relax, it will be over soon.” With a smile, Xiao Yan spread the powder evenly on the wound. He then retrieved a cloth to stop the bleeding from his storage ring and carefully wrapped it around her wound.

Xiao Yan’s gaze did not wander when he was bandaging her wound but he still ended up seeing thing that he should not have. It was fortunate that he managed to conceal what he saw quite well. Otherwise, the mysterious woman would likely have turned hostile.

“Alright. The wound has been dealt with. What remains is your internal injuries which you will have to rely on yourself to heal. The seal is also something that you will have to undo by yourself.” Xiao Yan patted his hands, took a step back and said with a smile.

“Thank you.” The woman who was quietly lying on the stone bed suddenly threw Xiao Yan a perfect smile. The smile could even be called peerless...

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