Chapter 1329: Start of the Rites

Chapter 1329: Start of the Rites

A space in the sky distorted. After which, an elderly figure appeared in front of many people’s eyes. This figure raised his arm the moment he appeared. Two majestic Dou Qi pillars that contained a powerful lightning glow explosively shot toward the Gu Qian duo below.


Gu Qian and Gu Xu were extremely furious when they saw this figure attacking as he pleased. Before they could curse out loud, they hurriedly pulled back while wearing ugly expressions.


The two vast lightning glows shot through the sky like a meteorites. However, before they could strike the bodies of the duo, an invisible force suddenly spread. This force coincidentally received the two lightning glows.

“Why is it you?”

Xiao Yan looked at the elderly figure descending from the sky. He was stunned when he saw that somewhat familiar face because he had discovered that the old man who had intervened and aided him was actually that mysterious old man he had met at the empty realm lightning pool. The one that was always saying “Is this right?” An...

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