Chapter 1328: Mang Tian Chi

Chapter 1328: Mang Tian Chi

The night sky was like water that spread over the land. Cool moonlight scattered down and covered the entire mountain range with a layer of silver yarn.

In the middle of the mountain range, a cluster of buildings stood one after another. They were like numerous ancient beasts standing under the moonlight, emitting traces of an ancient aura. At this moment, these halls were well lit. These few days was a festive period for the Gu clan and many places were well lit and decorated. It was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

It appeared exceptionally quiet on a mountain far from these magnificent ancient halls. Without the noise, this place was just like the residence of a hermit. It was calm and quiet.

A snow-white figure stood on the mountain top in an elegant manner. Her pretty eyes were staring at the well-lit halls without making any noise. No one knew just what she was thinking.

“Aren’t you going to rest?”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded on the top of the mountain. A green-clothed figure walked out from the woods. The moonlight scattered across her elegant face, causing her...

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