Chapter 1327: Devil General

Chapter 1327: Devil General

After that Elder called Gu Qian was told to withdraw, Xun Er’s bright eyes once again swept over the vast mountain range. They finally paused on a green mountain. She could sense an extremely faint but exceptionally icy killing intent.

“Gu Yao… if you dare try anything funny, I will definitely not let you off!” Xun Er clenched her hand as a furious expression flashed across her pretty eyes.

“Let’s go, Xiao Yan ge-ge…” Xun Er slowly suppressed the fluctuation within her heart. She turned to Xiao Yan beside her, only to discover that his eyes had also locked on the spot where her eyes had paused earlier.

“A very strong person.” Xiao Yan softly said. With his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he could sense an extremely faint but dangerous aura spreading from that mountain. Moreover, this aura was clearly targeting him.

“Ordinary means are useless if one wishes to truly remove some resistance within the Gu clan!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm. Although he had defeated Ling Quan and Lin Xiu, who were the experts of the Gu clan’s younger generation, in Gu Sacred City,...

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