Chapter 1326: A Lesson

Chapter 1326: A Lesson

Dark clouds rolled across the sky. The enormous battleship slowly came to a stop above this endless mountain range, attracting a countless number of gazes.

Everyone on the battleship gathered at the front of the ship. They looked at the precipitous mountain range below and sensed the auras of many experts within the mountain range. Quite a number of people were speechless. This was indeed worthy of being the headquarters of the Gu clan. The number of experts had already reached a terrifying number.

“Ke ke, everyone here is an important guest of the Gu clan. Please proceed!”

Quite a number of people politely responded after hearing that elderly voice resound across the battleship. After which, they moved their bodies and rushed down from the battleship before flying toward the cluster of buildings in the middle of the mountain range. That place was where the Gu clan would receive them.

Xiao Yan stood at the front of the ship but he did not move. His eyes were locked on a mountain in the distance. Tian Huo zun-zhe and the rest were standing behind him. Only...

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