Chapter 1323: Opening of the Gu Realm

Chapter 1323: Opening of the Gu Realm

Three days swiftly passed as everyone waited. Xiao Yan’s group did not head out during these three days. Lin Xiu and the others did not appear in front of them again, likely due to being reprimanded by Elder Gu Xun. However, Xiao Yan’s group understood that such a method would not solve the problem.

Of course, Xiao Yan was not really concerned about such trouble. Ever since that person from the Hall of Souls called Hun Ya had appeared, his focus had basically been transferred to this person.

From the words that Hun Ya had said, Xiao Yan was aware that this person likely possessed some status within the Hun clan. After all, he possessed an ancestor who was strong. It was likely that Hun Ya also possesses a strong background within that Hun clan. Otherwise, he would not have two seven star Dou Zun experts as guards beside him. An expert of this strength would hold the position of a Tianzun within the Hall of Souls. An ordinary person would not be able to command them.

The words Hun Ya had said also hinted...

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