Chapter 1322: Hun Ya

Chapter 1322: Hun Ya

The two pair of eyes interacted with each other. There was a flame flowing within each of their eyes. It appeared as though the space between the two of them had gradually become hot…


The four eyes faced each other. A moment later, a cluster of flames suddenly materialized out of nowhere between the two individuals. The ripple from the flame incinerated some nearby tables and chairs into ashes…

Xiao Yan’s body trembled when the flame burst apart. A solemn expression flashed across his face. The Heavenly Flame within the body of this red-dressed woman was likely extraordinary.

“What happened?” The Little Fairy Doctor quickly arrived by Xiao Yan’s side. Her eyes followed his gaze and paused on the group of unfamiliar people before softly asking.


Xiao Yan shook his head. He gave the red-dressed lady a deep look. Although he greatly coveted Heavenly Flames, he was not a fool. This woman was someone from the Yan clan Yao Lao had mentioned. Although Xiao Yan felt extremely unfamiliar with this clan, a faction that could be ranked alongside the Gu clan and the...

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