Chapter 1321: Yan Clan

Chapter 1321: Yan Clan

“He has actually lost…”

Ling Quan and the fifth commander visibly expressed their startled eyes as they looked at Yang Hao struggling with some stone fragments. They exchanged looks with one another and saw a horror that could not be hidden from each other’s eyes.

“This brat, how did he become so strong…”

Ling Quan clenched his fist. His heart was filled with disbelief. Although he was aware that Xiao Yan had already surpassed him, he did not expect Xiao Yan to be able to defeat Yang Hao, whose strength was at the peak of the fifth star, in such an easy fashion.

Being someone from the same clan, Ling Quan was well aware of Yang Hao’s strength. Yang Hao possessed quite a number of powerful Dou Skills. He had even mastered the God Seal Skill to the Overturning Land Seal. With this strength, he would be hard pressed to find any opponent who could match him from the same level. However, from the looks of that battle earlier Yang Hao was completely suppressed by Xiao Yan until he was at a disadvantage. His ferocious attacks did not even harm Xiao Yan. Clearly, Xiao Yan’s fighting strength had far surpassed...

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