Chapter 1320: Third Commander Yang Hao

Chapter 1320: Third Commander Yang Hao

The loud cry reverberated within the building, causing the noisy atmosphere to immediately quiet down. These two people were quite well-known. One was the third commander of the Gu clan’s Black Submerged Army while the other was the Pill Gathering champion. The both of them were outstanding people within the younger generation. Could the observers be lucky enough to watch them spar here today?

Excitement surged in quite a number of people’s eyes when they thought of this. Their gazes swept around them in an attempt to find the two of them.

“What happened?”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s group was also startled because of this sudden unexpected change. They saw Xiao Yan’s gloomy expression and immediately understood something. They frowned and said, “It is unexpected that trouble has come knocking on the door after having just talked about it. This is really a little too underhanded.”

With their intelligence, they naturally understood that the other party was afraid of Xiao Yan backing away, explaining why he had publicly acted before seeking permission. If Xiao Yan were to lose this match, it was likely that it would become...

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