Chapter 132: A Dou Huang Level Fight

Chapter 132: A Dou Huang Level Fight

During the time when the mysterious woman waved her hand, the enormous green tornado in the sky rushed towards the Amethyst Winged Lion in an unrestrained manner, carrying a wind that howled frantically.

In the areas where the tornado passed, the forest on the ground was uprooted, turning the place into a flat yellow ground while many Magic Beasts fled everywhere

With Yao Lao’s protection, the lucky Xiao Yan was not blown away by the wind. His hands tightly grabbed the tree branch as he stared at the forest that had turned into a mess. Involuntarily, he swallowed his saliva.

“Hmph!” Watching the spiraling tornado approaching, the Amethyst Winged Lion’s large mouth let out a loud snort. It flapped its wings and the twenty to thirty foot pillar of purple flame pushed outwards and smashed towards the tornado.

The two enormous objects collided in the sky. The moment they did, there was a dead silence in the air.

“Bang!” A roar of thunder abruptly blasted in the sunny sky.

The tornado and the fire pillar violently collided, unleashing an uncontrolled and frightening energy. At the point of contact, ripples seemed to appear in the air.

“Bang!” A few minutes after the tornado and the fire pillar collided, they seemed to have exhausted their strength and died down with an explosive blast that echoed throughout the mountain range.

When the tornado and the fire pillar disappeared,...

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