Chapter 1318: Like

Chapter 1318: Like

The Little Fairy Doctor and the rest beside Xiao Yan became gloomy when they saw the many Black Submerged Army warriors pointing the long spears in their hands at Xiao Yan. Their bodies moved, and they appeared beside Xiao Yan. Their vast and mighty Dou Qis quietly surged.

The atmosphere at the city’s gate had become a swords-drawn one as both parties faced each other. Some people’s eyes were observing Xiao Yan’s group with some interest. They were surprised that his group dared to attack a member of the Gu clan at the Gu Sacred City.

“Ling Quan, as the commander of the Black Submerged Army, are you planning on abusing your authority for a private grudge? This jade invitation was issued by the Gu clan. Since we possess this jade invitation, we are guests of the Gu clan. With your status, you do not have the qualification to capture me, right?” Xiao Yan’s face sank as he coldly laughed.

Ling Quan’s was dull when he heard this. He was just about to let out a cold cry when a loud shout suddenly exploded from beyond the city wall. A figure rushed down in a lightning-like...

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