Chapter 1317: Enemies Frequently Cross Paths

Chapter 1317: Enemies Frequently Cross Paths

An incomparably vast grassy plain extended into the distance. A lush-green color filled one’s eyes, emitting an exuberant life force. A majestic and towering large stone square stood here. The large stone square was around a thousand feet in size. It was supported by a countless number of enormous stone pillars. From a distance, it appeared like a giant standing between the sky and earth, giving one a spectacular feeling.

A distorted color appeared above this huge stone square. Occasionally, some silver lights would flicker and numerous figures rushed out of them to gently land in the square. This extremely spacious square was filled with people. Noise gathered together and charged to the clouds.


The space in the air once again distorted at this moment. A couple of figures came out of it. These figures steadily landed on the large stone platform. They lifted their eyes and looked around them while a surprise surfaced on their faces..

“This should be the Gu Stone Square that is mentioned on the map. It seems that we did not take a wrong turn.” The Little Fairy...

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