Chapter 1316: Hurrying to the Eastern Region

Chapter 1316: Hurrying to the Eastern Region

Xiao Yan swiftly pushed open the door and walked out. He saw a beautiful figure in snow-like clothes on the edge of the quiet courtyard in front of his room. The figure was standing there elegantly. The smile on the lady’s face was extremely alluring.

“Have you finally returned…”

Xiao Yan stopped walking. He looked at the lady, who stood in scattered sunlight, and was involuntarily startled. The Little Fairy Doctor’s snow-like hair had once again regained its original color. Long black hair poured down her back like a waterfall, randomly spreading behind her. A gentle wind blew over, causing her hair to sway…

The appearance of the Little Fairy Doctor was the same as when Xiao Yan had first met her back in Qingshan Town within the Jia Ma Empire, except her alluring demeanor had become more potent. Even the gentle smile on her face was the same.

The current her was the true Little Fairy Doctor!

Back then, she had rescued the dead and supported the injured within the Qingshan...

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